Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Most Recommended Student Blog Posts

Last week my students published pieces of their writing to their blogs, and on Friday, students took some class time to read what their peers have published.  During this time, when students came accross a piece of writing that they particularlly liked, they would write that post title down on our class Awesome Blog Post list.  Monkey 'Like' Handphoto © 2010 MailChimp® | more info (via: Wylio)
If that post was already on the list, students put a check next to it to indicate they also "liked" it.   Below are the nominated posts from last week, sorted by the times that they have been "liked" by their peers. 

These pieces reflect a wide range in topics, genres, and writing abilities.   They are as diverse as the 8th graders who wrote them, discussing topics from adolescent angst to world events.  Many are absolutely amazing, particularly so if you also look at the pieces that the blogger had published earlier in the year.  Check them out....I'm sure these student authors would love to recieve a comment from you.  And if there is a piece that you particularly "like," feel free to share that in a comment on this post!
Likes  Author      Title

8       Cristian       Song
8      Allison        Burried Alive!
7      Jerry           The Final Four
6      Ta-Layza    The Mistake
5      Erin             The First Story of Alice Jacobs
5      Kirsten        For You
5      Tania          Never Fail
4      Alexus        I thought I could trust you
4      Alyssa        My Bestfriend Kiki
4      Heather      Gone but Never Forgotten
3     Claudia      Issmo
3     Lorenzo     Burried Alive in Japan
3      Marshall    What's Going Through My Mind
2      Antwanette Gone From Me
2      Candace    Last Tear
2      Crystal      Finding your way around my community
2      Kris          The Secrets Zone
2      Nathan      Current Event
2      Nereida     I love you
2      Tamera     How Not to Bug Me
1      Jordan      Family