Saturday, January 8, 2011

The return from my (unplanned) blogging hiatus

      I forgot how busy life was as a teacher and sports coach.  When I agreed to coach wrestling this year, I was completely taken aback by the little free time that remained in my life.  It's been since the end of October that I have written in my blog, but my middle school class has continued to move forward, making progress with what I feel are leaps and bounds. 
      So, now,  with wrestling season over (and a championship won!), and a full head of steam on technology fueled lessons, I'm getting back to my blog.  I've just about finished with a piece on the Digital Inquiry Project, a class project that emerged out of my my desire to teach my digital learners how to learn digitally, which I wrote about this blog post.     This project is different than anything I've done in my eight years of teaching and, I feel, is significant for both my practice and my students' learning; I can't wait to share it sometime in the next couple of days.
      It feels great to be writing again, and I look forward to resuming the publishing of my ideas, successes, and failures in this quest (in which I am not alone!) to figure out where technology best fits in my middle school classroom.